X-MIND® Unity intraoral X-ray



X-MIND® Unity intraoral X-ray

Reliable X-RAY technology that reduces radiation exposure.

With its elegant style coupled to the cutting edge patented ACE® technology (Automatic Exposure Control) and the possibility to integrate SOPIX® Plug-In sensor, X-MIND® Unity brings the standards of protection, accuracy and comfort to a next level.

Sharp and contrasted images

The smaller…the greater! Thanks to the 0.4 mm focal spot size and the complete range of radiological settings, with X-Mind® unity you will always rely on sharp and contrasted image with defined contours.

High versatility

X-Mind® unity is available in different configurations allowing to fulfil any operational need. Arm lengths: 0.40 m, 0.80 m, 1.10 m – installation type: top wall, bottom wall, mobile stand

A sharp and contrasted image The X-Mind unity has a 0.4 mm focal spot. It has several configurable radiological settings: Notably: • The anodic voltage (60, 65 and 70 kV) • The anodic current (from 4 to 7 mA) • These parameters ensure a sharp and contrasted image.

Stop excessive radiation with ACE® Technology. This technology combined with the X-Mind unity allows the SOPIX inside sensor to stop the generator, thus avoiding all risk of over exposing the patient and image as well as unnecessary re-takes of acquisitions. The patient only receives the necessary dose, adapted to their dental morphology.

Safety through traceability. The dose received by the patient appears on the timer’s screen after each exposure. With SOPIX INSIDE, this dose is also recorded in the patient’s ACTEON Imaging Suite file, thus ensuring permanent traceability.

The X-Mind unity generator has been developed with a refined design, a proven quality and unique technological benefits.


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