Amalgam Separator Servicing Cardiff

Amalgam Separator Servicing

Bowen Dental Engineering currently service amalgam separators and dental suction pumps across South Wales and the West Country.

The EU Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005, classified dental amalgam as a hazardous waste. Dental amalgam contains mercury, which is also a regulated hazardous waste in its own right. If your business produces or handles any such waste it has a legal duty of care to ensure that it does not cause any harm.

EU regulations are being incorporated into UK legislation following Brexit.

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Amalgam separators must be used if your practice uses or removes dental amalgam. And dental chairs and suction units, whether operating at the chairside or centrally, must have an amalgam separator that complies with ISO standard 11143:2008, which is designed to ensure that dental amalgam is kept out of water and drainage systems.

Amalgam Separator and Suction Unit Servicing

While not all of the contents of dental amalgam are harmful (it contains silver, copper, tin, and zinc), metals can build up in your suction unit and amalgam separator and impair their performance. Regular servicing will help to keep your amalgam separators and suction units legally compliant and working at their peak.

Amalgam Separator Servicing and the Law

There are penalties for breaching the Hazardous Waste Regulations, which start at fixed penalty notices. In Wales, the rules are enforced by Natural Resources Wales, in England it is the Environment Agency.

Because of the presence of mercury, amalgam separators and their function are also covered by the Environment Protection Act 1990.

HTM 07-01 Dental Amalgam is the Health Technical Memorandum for dental amalgam. The British Standard, British Standard ‘Dental Equipment – Amalgam Separators’ BS ISO EN 11143:2008 also applies.

Compliance Guaranteed

Managing dental amalgam separators and suction pumps can feel daunting.

Bowen Dental Engineering can take the whole process out of your hands. We have years of experience servicing dental equipment, and keeping on top of the latest legislation.

A Bowen Dental Engineering Amalgam Separator Servicing Contract guarantees that your equipment is always in perfect working order and compliant with all the relevant legislation and regulations.

The Care Quality Commission recommends a minimum of one service visit per year, and this is the basis of our amalgam separator servicing contract. Skilled, trained engineers diagnose both newly installed and legacy equipment using approved manufacturers’ servicing kits and professional test and analysis instruments.

We can advise and plan preventative maintenance and fix any problems, giving you the peace of mind to do what you do best: giving quality dental care to your clients.

Suction Pump and Amalgam Separators Emergency Callout

Bowen Dental Engineering also offers emergency callout in Cardiff, south Wales, and the M4 and M5 corridors. We have emergency engineers on standby from 7am, Monday to Saturday ready to answer your emergency call out.

The best way to avoid emergencies is with the right equipment and a good planned maintenance and testing schedule. We supply the best quality suction pumps, with and without amalgam separators, from Europe’s best manufacturers. We can visit your practice to carry out a full assessment of your equipment and provide a full report on your set-up.

We are also happy to provide free advice, so just call if you’d like to speak to one of our team of experienced dental engineers.

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