Pressure Vessel Inspection

Pressure Vessel Inspection

Bowen Dental Engineering provides Pressure Vessel Inspection testing and certification to dental practices in Cardiff, South Wales, and along the M4 and M5 corridors, to keep vessels operating safely and within all applicable legislation and guidelines.

Pressure Vessel Testing and The Law

Dental autoclaves are considered high pressure vessels and their use is covered by legislation: the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations 2000 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations (PUWER) 1992.

In order to comply with these regulations, you must demonstrate that you know the safe operational parameters of your high-pressure equipment. You must have an inspection schedule that is complied with.

Bowen Dental Engineering’s skilled, experienced, and trained engineers are “competent persons” under these regulations and can inspect your steam sterilising autoclaves to ensure their safety and compliance with these standards.

Your Patients’ Safety, Your Peace of Mind

Regular testing of pressure vessels is an obligation for dental practices. Their efficient operation is vital to keeping your practice up and running.

Regular testing – as required by law – should be complemented with regular servicing in line with manufacturer’s guidelines. This regular servicing will forestall emergency repairs and save money and time in the long run.

Good Value Pressure Vessel Testing

Bowen Dental Engineering charge per pressure vessel for PSSR testing.

Our prices are:  

£135 for 1 pressure vessel
£240 for 2
£345 for 3
£450 for 4
£555 for 5
£660 for 6
£765 for 7
£870 for 8

What is included?

  • Check serial number
  • Switch off
  • Drain air
  • Remove covers as necessary
  • Thoroughly clean the exterior
  • Inspect all welds for signs of corrosion
  • Check all joints and seals for leaks
  • Remove the safety relief valve
  • Note the safety relief valve marked value
  • Test the pressure of the safety relief valve
  • Replace the safety relief valve
  • Carry out an ultrasonic thickness test
  • Replace covers
  • Turn on
  • Check for any air leaks
  • Check correct pressure is reached
  • Check connection to surgery is switched on
  • Complete all paperwork

Comprehensive Pressure Testing that Suits a Busy Dental Practice

A Bowen Dental Engineering pressure testing visit will ensure that your dental autoclaves are compliant with the law. A full written report will be provided as required.

Pressure vessels will also be serviced to manufacturer’s specifications, with full records of testing and repairs.

The written scheme of examination will specify a timetable for testing

Each Vessel must be inspected at regular intervals as specified on the written scheme of examination.

An inspection visit should take around 45 minutes.

During the visit the Bowen Dental Engineering trained engineer will carry out a full inspection of the autoclave, checking thoroughly for any signs of wear, corrosion, or leaks, and fully test the safety relief valve, and complete an ultrasonic test of the thickness of the cylinder.

All the necessary paperwork will be completed.

Your pressure vessel will be handed over to you in perfect working order, completely compliant and safe to use.

The Complete Dental Engineering Service

Bowen Dental Engineering is a family-owned business with an experienced team of highly-trained dental engineers. Our team brings decades of experience to delivering an efficient, effective, and friendly service.

We offer servicing for all dental equipment, including amalgam separators, autoclaves, compressors, dental chairs, X-ray machines, and suctions pumps. Our certification and inspection services also include X-ray testing and decontamination testing that complies with all relevant legislation and standards.

Service contracts offer extra peace of mind and better value. When things go wrong you can rely on Bowen Dental Engineering’s quick-response call-out service. We also supply a carefully selected range of the best dental equipment.

We are happy to provide quotes and advice free of charge.


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