Compressor servicing

Dental Compressor Servicing

A modern dental surgery relies on its equipment. Bowen Dental Engineering’s dental compressor servicing for practices in Cardiff, south Wales, and the M4 and M5 corridors will keep you up and running, your patients and staff safe, and ensure you comply with all relevant legislation and guidance.

All dental compressors should be serviced regularly.

As an employer you have a duty to your staff. The equipment they use must be in good working condition, safe to use, and fit for purpose.

Your patients must be treated with clean, safe, efficient equipment.


 How much do you charge?

From £125+VAT

*Service kit and/or additional parts not included

image of a dental compressor

When to Service Your Dental Compressors

Dental compressors are complex, high-tech machines, and most manufacturers recommend an annual service.

For example, Cattani, whose compressors Bowen Dental Engineering supplies, recommend annual services in line with the company’s own maintenance plans. Most dental equipment manufacturers recommend similar servicing timetables.

Regular servicing saves money in the long run by avoiding expensive emergency call-out repairs and breakdowns that disrupt your practice’s operation.

Expert, Manufacturer-Approved Dental Compressor Servicing

Cattani train engineers to service their dental compressors. Bowen Dental Engineering always uses manufacturer recommended servicing routines, kits, and parts so your warranty is always protected. Accurate record keeping, testing, and auditing keeps your servicing programme in line with manufacturer’s recommendations.
We supply a large range of the best quality dental compressors and can service all of these manufacturers and more.
Our team of dental engineers are all fully trained and qualified, and together our team has decades of experience in the dental engineering field.

Fast, Efficient, Good-Value Dental Compressor Servicing You Can Trust

We can arrange a service visit to suit you and your practice, and most dental compressors can be fully serviced in under an hour.
During that time your dental compressor will be fully checked; worn or damaged parts are replaced with approved manufacturer’s parts. At the end of a visit your dental compressor will be working to its full capacity and completely safe to use.

All Your Dental Engineering Needs – Servicing, Repair, and Supply – in One Place

Bowen Dental Engineering also offer amalgam separator servicing, autoclave servicing, suction pump servicing, and dental chair servicing. We have contract servicing options for even better value and more peace of mind. We can keep your dental practice fully compliant with all current health and safety and medical legislation with pressure vessel inspections, x-ray inspection services, and decontamination inspections. Our emergency call-out is an extra level of protection for your practice available Monday to Saturday from 7am.

Bowen Dental is a family-owned and run business, and you can always expect fast, friendly, and efficient service from our dedicated team. Call us now to discuss equipment servicing, low cost maintenance contracts, emergency call-out, and repair services, or to buy your next piece of dental equipment.

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