Mocom Tethys H10 Table Top Hybrid Disinfector


Make: Mocom

Model: Tethys H10

Warranty: 2 years

Table top washer disinfector

Tethys H10 combines, in a single exclusive process, the power of water, the energy of heat and
the force of ultrasound to maximise safety, process speed and user-friendliness.

The new Hybrid Disinfection Device (H2D) that makes the instrument
reconditioning process simple and practical. This innovative device carries out many of the
numerous manual tasks typically encountered prior to sterilization, thus reducing personnel
workloads. With the Tethys H10 decontamination, washing, disinfection and drying are
compacted into one fast automated process.

The combination of deep ultrasound washing and thermal disinfection provides effective
rationalisation of reconditioning protocols, ensuring absolute protection for the user.
The EN ISO 15883-1/2-certified Tethys H10 offers instrument treatment characterised by
homogeneous cleaning and a drying phase that removes every last trace of moisture. In
short, Mocom’s first Hybrid Disinfection Device combines the power of water, the energy of
heat and the force of ultrasound.

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  • Description

    Mocom Tethys H10 Table Top Hybrid Disinfector

    Power supply voltage 220/240 V – 50 Hz (other voltages on request)
    Rated power 2300 W
    External dimensions (LxHxD) 470 x 430 x 500 mm
    Net weight 37 kg
    Detergent reservoir capacity 0.7 litres (autonomy: up to 12 cycles)
    Tank dimensions (LxHxD) 224 x 314 x 125 mm
    Nominal tank volume 8 litres
    Effective tank volume 6 litres
    Max water consumption (per cycle) 15 litres
    Max load 2 kg


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