GT Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner


Available in 3 / 6 / 9 & 13 Litre model sizes

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    GT Sonic Ultrasonic Cleaner

    Available in 3 Litre, 6 Litre, 9 Litre & 13 Litre capacity. Ultrasonic cleaning uses ultra sonic waves induced by a high frequency transducer to
    agitate a liquid. The agitation produces high forces on contaminants adhering to instruments.


    • Normal and soft power control
    • Degas function
    • Adjustable time setting
    • Adjustable temperature control
    • User-friendly, clear panel controls
    • Memory function
    • Digital display
    • High performance transducer


      Technical Information

      • Capacity: 3 Litre
      • Ultrasonic Power: 100W
      • Unit Size (L x W x H): 270 x 170 x 240mm
      • Internal Size: (L x W x H): 240 x 140 x 100mm


      • Capacity: 6 Litres
      • Ultrasonic Power: 150W
      • Unit Size (L x W x H): 330 x 180 x 310mm
      • Internal Size (L x W x H): 300 x 140 x 150mm


      • Capacity: 9 Litres
      • Ultrasonic Power: 200W
      • Unit Size (L x W x H): 330 x 270 x 310mm
      • Internal Size (L x W x H): 300 x 240 x 150mm


      • Capacity: 13 Litres
      • Ultrasonic Power: 300W
      • Unit Size (L x W x H): 360 x 330 x 310mm
      • Internal Size (L x W x H): 330 x 300 x 150mm

    Additional information

    Dimensions N/A

    13 Litres, 3 Litres, 6 Litres, 9 Litres


    13 Litre (L)360mm x (W)330mm x (H)310mm, 3 Litre: (L) 270mm x (W) 170mm x (H) 240mm, 6 Litre (L) 330mm x (W) 180mm x (H) 310mm, 9 Litre (L)330mm x (W)270mm x (H)310mm


    13 Litre Ultrasonic power: 300W, 3 Litre Ultrasonic power: 100W, 6 litre Ultrasonic power: 150W, 9 Litre Ultrasonic power: 200W


    Adjustable temperature control, Adjustable time setting, Degas function, High performance transducer ​, LED display, Memory function, Normal and soft power control, User-friendly, clear panel controls


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