Faro Sealer SL13



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    Faro Sealer SL13


    SL13 is the thermo-sealing machine which fits as a natural complement to the range of steam sterilisers. It is an elegant, space-saving designed piece of equipment that is both user-friendly and reliable, even with heavy use. SL13 is therefore a useful option for all those users who require professional equipment with an excellent ratio of quality to price and performance.

    Guaranteed to maintain sterilization performance

    SL13 is an electronically controlled thermo-sealer with a sealing band of 12 mm fit to resist the sterilization processes of the modern sterilizers featuring fractioned pre-vacuum, and to assure the sterility of the packages.

    Constant high performance

    Efficient heat control in the welding area is achieved thanks to the automatic temperature adjustment, ensuring high performances. SL13 also feature an overheating protection device and an automatic energy-saving standby system.

    Ergonomic and practical design

    The solid structure in plastic and aluminium and the ergonomic and minimalist shape help to maintain a high level of hygiene, weight and overall size and excellent stability during use. All this with the objective of offering a product suited to the daily needs in the medical area.

    Additional information

    Power supply voltage

    220/240 Vac – 50/60 Hz

    Nominal Power

    150 W

    External dimensions (without roll)

    474 x 374 x 200 mm (LxDxH)

    Net Weight

    5 Kg

    Type of sealing

    Continuous cycle and constant temperature

    Nominal operating temperature of the heating resistance


    Max sealing length

    12 mm

    Maximum welding width

    300 mm

    Sealable material (in accompliance to the Directive EN 868)

    Paper /polypropylene film

    Max diameter of the roll

    200 mm


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