Durr VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0


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    Durr VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0

    Not only does the new VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0 feature a pioneering design, it also boasts state-of-the-art technology. The image plate scanner uses the latest image plate technology and works together with VistaScan IQ image plates to open up many new AI-based features. Together with the superior image quality of the tried-and-tested PCS technology, it makes your dental practice sustainably ready for the future.

    The VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0 works with VistaScan IQ image plates to ensure that it lives up to its full potential. Alongside the tried-and-tested technology and outstanding image quality, this combination offers a wide range of new features that noticeably improve user friendliness, efficiency and reliability.

    With the Easy Feed concept you can scan image plates very quickly, one after the other. The VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0 can scan all intraoral image plate formats.

    The scope of delivery includes everything you need to scan IQ image plates in sizes 0 and 2.

    The high-resolution, colour glass display provides a user interface that is very easy to use.

    Thanks to PCS technology, VistaScan Mini View 2.0 can e.g. reliably highlight incipient caries lesions or make tiniest bony structures visible.

    The LAN interface makes it easy to integrate the VistaScan Mini Easy 2.0 into a network.



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