Clesta II ‘Flexible System’ (a)

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Clesta II ‘Flexible System’ (a)

Chair key features:

  • Seamless or Luxury upholstery option
  • Standard, Ultrasoft and Ultrasoft Pro upholstery fabric options
  • Smooth, synchronised, near-silent chair movements
  • Double-density cushioning
  • Lumbar support (Luxury Upholstery option)
  • Foot control for chair movements

Cuspidor key features:

  • Assistant’s console
  • Easily-detached HV and ejector tubings
  • Light-post assembly
  • Detachable cuspidor bowl with 90˚ outward rotation


Clesta II ‘Flexible System’ (a)

Package consists of

Clesta II dental chair features include:

  • Twin-articulating headrest
  • 2 preset positions, Last Position Memory (LP) & Auto-Return
  • Swing-out armrest
  • Integral service centre
  • Synchronised axis backrest
  • 8-way foot control

SP-A cuspidor unit features include:

  • Assistant’s console
  • Automatic bowl-flush & cup-filler
  • Auto/preset control for chair movements
  • 3-way autoclavable syringe with bottled water system
  • Easily-detached HV & ejector tubings
  • Easily-detached porcelain cuspidor bowl with 180˚ rotation
  • OPTION: Blue / Pink / Green glass bowl (in place of porcelain cuspidor bowl)
  • OPTION: Right- / Left-handed installation


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